Associated British Motorcycles

ABM is new low volume motorcycle manufacturer in the UK, but don’t be put off by that, ABM comes with huge provenance in racing and custom bike building via our sister company T3 Performance.

Our ambition is to bridge the gap between custom bike builders and mainstream manufacturers by offering individuality, exclusivity and a buying experience normally only found in custom houses, but backed up by a parts and personal technical service that is unrivalled, even by mainstream manufacturers. In a nutshell, exclusivity with great support.

Our motorcycles range between custom bikes that use a specific donor as the starting point, through to unique motorcycles that are constructed from a design sheet upwards. Each motorcycle build is designed with purpose, whether it be the engine performance, chassis or component parts, nothing is designed for fitment unless it serves to enhance the overall machines performance or aesthetics.

Here at ABM we believe we make motorcycles that perform in the real world, just as beautifully as they look. Thank you for visiting our site, please scroll through our builds and if something catches your interest feel free to make contact and we can discuss your ideas.

Why Choose ABM

· Designed and hand built in our UK workshop

· Components designed and sourced by our Engineers

· Key chassis components made and welded by hand

· Each bike assembled by hand

· Bespoke design and ‘made to measure’ service

· Unrivalled full technical and parts support service

· Our knowledge base utilises our sister company T3 Performance
· Innovative in our designs & amp; pioneers within our industry
· Support British Manufacturing